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If you own or rent a home long enough you will eventually experience some type of roof damage. Your roof is not designed to last forever. You can expect to get about 15-20 years out of a roof if its maintained and no major damage has occurred throughout its lifespan. Depending on where you live, your home will experience wear and tear faster purely based on your location. For instance, New Jersey gets a lot of snow and hail so you would want to make sure you get your roof inspected regularly as you are more likely to have roof damage than other areas.

I know you may be thinking what is hail damage and how does it hurt my roof? Let's dig into it .. Most people might look at hail as an extension of snow and may think its slightly harder than snowflakes. The thing that you need to keep in mind when it comes to hail is that it comes in many sizes. You wouldn't think of something the size of a quarter able to cause any damage, but when you have hundreds of quarter-sized hail hitting your roof from high altitudes, it will lead to roof damage as it compromises your shingles over time making it hard to stand up to normal weather condition. Now that's just quarter-sized hail, but you can experience golf ball or baseball sized hail as well. This is where you hear of car windows being blown out and car roofs being damaged. Needless to say, if you hear the word hail you shouldn't take it lightly.

On the other hand, maybe hail is not your roofs problem. Did you know if you have 1 missing shingle your roof is compromised? You are probably thinking how can 1 missing shingle cause roof damage? Well, it not simply that you have 1 missing shingle, but its the long-term effect it will have on your roof. Water is the enemy in this case. It always finds the lowest elevation, then bingo its found that missing shingle and eventually will wear down the underlayment and that's when you'll see water entering your house uninvited. In some cases it might take a while to get to this point, but if you ad any of the hail, flying debris and wind damage on top of that it will increase the wear downtime; and not overlooking if there are any animals nesting on your roof.

We know not everyone has years of Paramus roofing service experience to know exactly what to do and how to do things, BUT what you can do is be proactive. First, If you are thinking your roof is about 10 years old and you cant remember having a single roof inspection you need to call your local roofer ASAP. Next, take a walk around your property and scout for any missing shingles. They don't usually go far from your home... Last, take notice of your energy bills. If they seem to be increasing abnormally it could be due to roofing damage.

These days there are a lot of roofing companies to choose from that all claim to be the best. Also, there are a lot companies that are out to just take your money and run. With the help of the internet, you can do your due diligence by checking google reviews, Better Business Bureau, social media channels and of course word of mouth.There you will find The Great American Roofing Company is one of the top rated roofers in New Jersey, so schedule a roof inspection today and let us make sure your home is safe for you and your family.

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